1 and every 8 women will be diagnosed with an invasive Breast Cancer in their lifetime. You may know a woman in your life that who has been directly impacted by Breast Cancer.

October is devoted to Breast Cancer Awareness. It is an excellent time to get involved in your community and around the world to educate, spread awareness, and kick Cancer to the curb. Trees Pot Shop is joining in the fight for a great cause.

Trees is excited to announce that NCWS has teamed up with the Pink Gene Foundation.

The Pink Gene Foundation helps young women in being proactive in educating to utilize the resources they provide to get early testing. They also assist women who currently are battling Breast Cancer.

You can help your preferred Seattle pot shop by purchasing one
of these products listed.

-Strawberry Crystal Clear .5g and IG
-Strawberry Crystal Clear vape cart
-Strawberry crystal clear disposable
-Strawberry Lemonade Pebbles
-Cbd Watermelon Pebbles
-Sour Watermelon Marmas

For every purchase of one of these products, North West Cannabis Solutions will donate a $1.00 back to the Pink Gene Lee foundation.

Come Participate in creating awareness.

Author: Kayla Michelle