The holiday season can be wonderful. Christmas lights make even a dive bar look festive, spiked eggnog can put even your grumpiest coworker in a good — or at least decent — mood, and it seems like there’s always a party to go to. In the last few days, we’ve seen some holiday gatherings at Gainsbourg and Flintcreek Cattle Co. happening around the corner from our Greenwood pot store, and it looked like everything was having a smashing time.

Greenwood marijuana shop - Holiday Gift Guide 2016But alas, the yuletide season isn’t all candy canes and winter wonderland. Because yup, you have to buy gifts for people, which to put it mildly, totally sucks. Seriously, it’s not the outlay of cash that’s the problem. It’s finding something in general.

Fortunately, the budtenders at your favorite Seattle recreational weed shop have some ideas about how to make the folks on your nice list totally stoked without breaking the bank. For gifts for your crew, look no further than our specials list!

Now, flower is a classic thing to hook your homies up with, and Trees Pot Shop has some dank selections which make perfect gifts for both the seasoned smoker and total newbie. And if they have experience the goodness of Artisan or Top Shelf cannabis products? It’s time to show them the way!

Of course, lots of folks these days prefer the cleanliness and convenience of vaping, so hook them up with an Evergreen cartridge. Right now, they’re two for $45 — but you don’t have to tell them that. Remember: The cook has to take of themselves!

For your edible-loving friends, check out our fantastic selection of products from Magic Kitchen, Mr. Moxey, and Zoots. If they aren’t happy to find some of these potent treats in their stocking? They might be driven to drink. But that’s OK, because we have Cannabis Quenchers available in 100mg in 200mg sizes.

Any of those selections are sure to please, but if you don’t think they’re a great fit for any of your stoner buddies? Just swing through our Greenwood marijuana shop, and we’ll help you find something that’ll be perfect. Happy holidays from Trees Pot Shop!