After stopping by your favorite Greenwood weed store you bring that fresh pack of bud home, peel away the top seal and get ready to pack a bowl. Some just pick and pull to fill their pipe, more methodical stoners will choose to grind. For those that haven’t got on the grind train, we’ve come up with a few reasons why you should get on board. 

Getting on the Grind

Hands off the goods! The less you touch the bud, the better. You can compromise the level of potency when you get too touchy. Don’t waste the good stuff on your hands (especially if they aren’t washed, yuck). Instead, collect those THC crystals in your kief catcher. 

One of the many benefits of grinding is allowing for more surface area when burning the marijuana. Grinding weed down will help you smoke each bowl more evenly. Not only does it fit into the bowl better, it’s going to burn cleaner. Plus it’s the easiest way to get rid of those pesky stems that always find their way into your bowl.  

If you choose to go with a 3/4 piece grinder (more info below), they generally have a chamber designed to catch kief. Kief is the little trichomes containing the majority of cannabinoids accumulating on the leaves and the flower. And though it isn’t as potent as a concentrate, it’s pure and more potent than normal flower. Keep in mind that your kief is only as good as your flower.

How to Up your Grind Game

Grinders are simple to use. First, wiggle the weed into the teeth (top level) of the grinder and close the lid. Don’t over pack the grinder, there is always time to grind more after the first round.

Make sure the lid is securely in place and begin to twist and turn the lid until you feel that the weed has broken down. Open the grinder to check that the weed has fallen through to the main compartment and remove any clogs. You can do this by giving your grinder a tap while closed. The kief will be down in the very bottom if you have the 3 or 4-piece grinder.  

Find your Grinder

So, what grinder is best for you? In the end, it’s all up to personal preference. There are 2-piece grinders that are great for travel or small jobs. These are the simplest to use but don’t have a kief tray. 3/4 piece grinders are good for having at home and collecting kief. 

If you think a grinder could be helpful, we recommend giving it a try! Stop by Trees Pot Shop and take a look at our selection of grinders. Our knowledgeable budtenders can help you find what best suits your needs. We have a great selection of Washington-grown pot products.