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Things You Must Know Before Going To A Seattle Weed Shop

Weed is now legal in some states in the United States. It is no longer a secret that you can walk into a weed shop and buy weed legally without fear of being prosecuted. However, the challenge is that most people tend to be scared of going to a weed shop because of the stigma that the society has placed on its users. Others, however, are afraid of going because they do not know how things are done in a weed shop.

 If you fall into any of those categories, this article is for you. There are certain things you must before going to a weed shop in Seattle. Knowing these things will help you purchase your weed with minimal problems.

1) Research shops in your area

If you are on holiday or you live in that area, but you really do not know where to get weed, you need to do some research. You need to know about the weed shops in your area. Some of them are medical dispensaries, and you would not be able to get weed from there unless you have a medical marijuana card. You need to research and find a place that sells weed for recreational purposes to avoid any form of embarrassment.

2) You need to know what type of weed you need and for what purpose

There are different types of weed, and they all serve different purposes. Before going to a weed shop, you need to know what you want to achieve. You may want one that will energize you and lighten your mood, or you want the one that will put you to sleep. You need to explain all these to those at the shop so they can know the right one for you.

3) You must go with cash and your ID

Almost all weed shops in Seattle do not accept any other form of payment except cash. Because of this, you should carry cash when you go to the shop. Also, go with your ID, because it has been legalized, but there are certain rules guiding its sales such as age and other factors. Your ID will provide the owners of the shop with the required information so they can attend to you properly.

4) You should not be afraid to ask questions

When you get to a weed shop in Seattle don’t get worked up and uncomfortable. That way you will not get the type of weed you desire. You need to relax and also do not be afraid of asking questions. Attendants will be assigned to you; you should ask questions and get clarification on whatever purchase you want to make.

5) Know your consumption method

This is very important because most people go ahead and purchase weed without having the appropriate devices to consume it. Different types of weed have different consumption mechanisms. So before going to the shop, you must know how you want to consume it, and that will largely determine what type of weed you will buy.


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