As of the recreational age, Seattle weed comes in many different varieties – two of these being indoor and outdoor grown. Every industry carries stigmas, and in the cannabis industry a prominent one is that about sun grown cannabis. Poor perception of outdoor weed is simply misinformation passed on from those involved in a previous age; some growers lacked the public information and regulation to create great product. Keep reading to learn more about why Seattle pot is great, no matter where it’s grown.

The Great Outdoors

Benefits – It’s all about that Washington State sunshine! The sun not only creates life but keeps things growing in a way that no artificial light can provide. Bugs have a harder time thriving in an unenclosed environment that provides natural competition. With all the help from the sun, outdoor pot relies less on industrial fertilizers and pesticides, unlike its indoor counterpart. Plus, it normally costs less and has less of an environmental footprint. Sustainable and natural, what’s not to love about sun grown cannabis?

Tree’s Favorite Sun Grown Pot:

Viva Cannabis – This sustainably farmed weed is grown with organic pest control and maximum sun exposure in Wenatchee Heights, Washington!

Soulshine Cannabis – Soulshine has always strived to be the most socially conscious pot producer in Washington State. Their sun grown grams will taste fantastic, and they donate a good amount of funds to The Emerald City Pet Rescue!

The Great Indoors

Benefits – Freedom! There are little to no limitations when choosing an indoor grow location. A grower can choose just about any environment and they can produce a plant with very intentional characteristics – physical and otherwise. The natural elements that effect an outdoor-grown pot plant are not a concern to the indoor grower, as they are able to control lighting, temperature, and humidity. Weed grown indoors, especially Seattle weed, is an art form in itself. 

We think we can all agree that no matter what you choose to buy, Washington marijuana is a magical treat. You should definitely try both to see which you prefer. Come into Trees Pot Shop where we have a variety of indoor and outdoor pot. If you have any questions, stop on in and our super budtenders will be happy to help!