If you can’t tell from the nip in the air and the general feeling that time seems to be flying, your friends at Trees Pot Shop are here to remind you: Yup, it’s Christmas time!

And while there are plenty of overachievers who already have their houses decked with lights and the garland set just so on their trees, we know there are plenty of folks who’ve just been too busy to take care of the business of the holidays.

But have no fear! If you haven’t gotten your tree yet — and this is Washington State, you basically have to get a real one — the friendly budtenders at your favorite Seattle recreational pot shop are going to give you a hand.

Next time you’re picking up cannabis products from Trees Pot Shop, just hit one of these great tree lots right around the corner from the store. You’re on your own for decorating, but here’s the scoop on where to pick up this year’s tree.

Holman Road Christmas Trees, 10031 Holman Rd NW, Seattle, WA 98177

How big do you want to go? Looking for a seven-foot noble fir? Or something big enough to scratch the cathedral ceiling of your living room? No problem. The ladies and gents at this seasonal station are ready to help.

Alpine Tree and Wreath, 323 N 85th St, Seattle, WA 98103

While the rain has held off the last couple of weeks, it has been far colder than usual. So why not stop and get a nice, steaming-hot cup of coffee to warm your hands while you pick out the perfect tree? Monkey Grind Espresso Bar is right around the corner, and they’ll hook you up proper.

Swansons Nursery, 9701 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

All year round, this oasis of greenery is ready to help with anything botanical — except, you know, weed. But don’t hold that against them! That’s what Trees Pot Shop is for! Along with trees, this friendly neighborhood shop is stocked with enough Christmas cheer to make a gaggle of Santa’s elves blush!