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Seattle Legal Marijuana Vs. Black Market Pot: Which Is Better?

Ever since the legalization of marijuana, people of legal age have had the privilege of purchasing Seattle legal marijuana from dispensaries. You don’t need to hide in an alley in the dead of night just to get your stuff from a drug dealer. You can purchase at any legal dispensary. Irrespective of the legalization of marijuana, the black market is still hot. Drug dealers still have impressive pipelines of loyal clients. This is partly because the black market sells at a lower price than the store. Also, since using marijuana is still a controversial issue, many people haven’t worked up the nerve to walk into a dispensary and purchase Seattle legal marijuana.

While the price in the black market is fairly lower than the price in the dispensaries, there are other factors you need to consider apart from the price. Low prices should not be the only attraction for buying weed. Even with a slightly higher price, buying weed from a legal outlet offers many more benefits that outweigh the demerit.

Why You Should Consider Buying Legally

1) They Work At Certain Hours

A black market dealer may ask you to come and take your pot around 3 am on a Wednesday, and you’ll have no choice but to do that. However, legal outlets are like other legal businesses. They have working and closing hours. You can decide when to buy your stuff as long as it falls within these hours.

2) They Offer As Much As You Need

Your black market drug dealer may only have limited supply at a given time. This may restrict how much marijuana you can get even when you have money to buy more. At a legal outlet, you will be able to buy as much as you can afford. Also, legal outlets have different strains of cannabis which you can choose from. You can even mix up the strains if you want. You can also buy anything you want. Your black market dealer may have just one strain at a time.

3) They Show You The Composition Of What You’re Buying

Most of the legal drug outlets show you a full list of what is contained in each strain. You’ll be fully aware of what you are buying each time you get your stuff. A drug dealer just gives you the weed and walks away. You will have no idea what you’re getting. The only thing you will know is that you’re getting weed. You will not know if there are pesticides in the stash you buy from a drug dealer.

4) You Can Pay With A Credit Card

When you buy weed from a black market dealer, you will be required to pay cash. When you buy from a dispensary, you’ll be able to pay with your credit card. You will not need to gather bulk cash to buy secretly in the middle of the night.

When you buy from a black market supplier, you’ll think that you’re saving money. While you may save a few dollars, buying Seattle legal marijuana is always going to be the best option.


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