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The Law Still Controls Seattle Cannabis And It Is A Success

Cannabis for recreational use became legal in Oregon on July 1, 2015. This did not mean that anyone can grow pot and sell pot at any time or anywhere. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission licenses all legal Seattle cannabis retailers.

The rules are a bit odd. The fact that more people die from drunk driving than pot makes one wonder why the Liquor Control Commission has anything to do with pot. The whole government thing was to get a windfall in tax revenue from the legal Seattle cannabis business. The windfall has in fact turned into a gold mine for the city and the state.

The important things about the law and Seattle cannabis are listed below.

In State Only

Do not come to Seattle or Oregon looking to buy pot and take it to a state where pot is not legal. The Seattle cannabis retailers are not going to let you do this if they think you are trying to. This action will disturb their business and the good reputation they have earned in the business community over the last three years.

If you do take pot back to a state where it is illegal and get caught you will go to jail. There is no law preventing your local police from checking your bags or your person if they know you have been to Seattle.

You may have work related problems if you toke up in Seattle and then face a drug test from a boss that does not like you back home.

The limits apply to people who need any marijuana or THC containing medication to treat any disease. The drug has to be dispensed in the state that you live in.

Amounts are limited

Oregon law defines cannabis as useable marijuana. That is pot that is dried and that can be smoked.

An individual can only possess one-half pound of useable marijuana at one time. You can only carry a single ounce of pot on your person.

A cannabinoid product is considered to be any product that contains THC or cannabis. These include food items, VAPE type inhalants, pre-rolled cigarettes, and oils.

A person can only have one pound of a cannabinoid containing product in a solid form and 4.5 pounds of any liquid product containing a cannabinoid. Cannabinoid extracts or concentrates are legal for personal possession in quantities under five grams.

You can have five marijuana seeds and four immature plants in your possession legally if you are a citizen of Oregon.


You must be 21 years of age to purchase any marijuana product from any cannabis retailer. The age restriction prevents people from entering the retailer’s establishment. The retailers have made every effort possible in preventing underage people from accessing their websites.

The realities of the business

In order to make marijuana legal for recreational use and legal for the treatment of the many medical conditions that pot has been proven to help all sides had to make some concessions.

Government made rules that limit amounts so that the retailers would not face illegal competition. Retailers agreed to abide by age restrictions and other legislation in order to protect their clients and stay in business.

The success

The marijuana industry has been a huge success for all parties in Seattle and Oregon. The growth of the industry provided jobs and tax revenue that far exceeded predictions. Recreational cannabis users have a source of high quality pot that is legal and involves no dangerous criminal element. Marijuana helps people with health problems that have no other remedy. Law enforcement can concentrate on serious crime.


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