Seattleites Love Quality Cannabis

People are becoming increasingly concerned with the chemicals – specifically non-organic pesticides – that are being used on or around products they are consuming. Although recreational weed in Washington State cannot yet be labeled as ‘organic’, measures are being taken within production facilities to rear a higher quality plant, untouched by harmful chemicals.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “If the credits of (non-organic) pesticides include enhanced economic potential in terms of increased production of food and fibre, and amelioration of vector-borne diseases, then their debts have resulted in serious health implications to man and his environment. There is now overwhelming evidence that some of these chemicals do pose a potential risk to humans and other life forms and unwanted side effects to the environment.”

Washington State’s I-502, the initiative that legalized recreational pot, has provided very strict guidelines about what chemicals and pesticides can and cannot be used when growing weed. These guidelines also require that the pot products sold in any of Seattle’s cannabis retailers need to list all chemicals or pesticides used in the growing process. If you’re having trouble spotting this, ask a budtender to point this out next time you stop by your favorite Greenwood pot shop.

Below we have compiled a list of some reputable Washington State cannabis producers that are known for using only organic pesticides.

Soulshine Cannabis – This Renton-based cannabis producer not only focuses on natural and sustainable growing practices, but is also partnered with Emerald City Pet Rescue to provide animals in harmful situations to find a better home and a longer life. You can feel great knowing that every time you buy Soulshine at Trees Pot Shop, you are contributing to the bettering of animal welfare in Washington State!

Green Barn Farms – Every nug bought from Green Barn Farms (available in pot shops all over the greater Seattle area) is Clean Green Certified, sungrown cannabis.

Mountain High – This Washington State weed farm has branded themselves as “way beyond organic”. From pest control to fertilizer, every product used on or around their pot plants is 100% naturally derived. They also brew their own compost tea, have energy efficient delivery vehicles and grow everything in sunlight to keep a light carbon footprint.

This Greenwood weed store wants you to be a healthy and happy smoker! Choose wisely and enjoy responsibly.