Pot brings people together. Like networking, it can help you connect with like-minded folks when you’re trying to launch a start up, find your next job, or get your band on the bill for summer festivals. There’s no better way to celebrate the role networking plays than by smoking out the people who’ve helped you get where you are. And if you’ve got some networking to do this week, replenish your stash at Trees Pot Shop in Greenwood. Fire up the dank, and take that next idea all the way to the bank.

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Best Nugs for Networking:

  • El Primo Oz $125 – while supplies last!
  • Fruit of the Root – Mix and match 8 eighths or 4 Quarters – 28g for $150
  • Top Shelf Blue Dream 1 gram $10 | 3.5g $30 | 7g $60
  • Triumph Special $14 – 1g | $45 – 3.5g | $85 – 7g | $300 – 28g

Best Edibles for Brainstorming:

  • Craft Elixir RSO 1g for $55, 2 half grams for $60
  • Magic Kitchen $25, 2 for $45 (Except Marmas and Pebbles)
  • Magic Kitchen Granola Bites 2 for $40
  • Magic Kitchen Pebbles 2 for $40
  • Sprayerz 100mg $5

Looking for pot at a discount? The best recreational weed store in Greenwood has killer deals seven days a week.

Monday: 10% off all flower (except NWCS)
Tuesday: Two happy hours, 10% off purchases 8am-11am & 8pm-11pm (except NWCS)
Wednesday: 10% off a $100 purchase (except NWCS)
Thursday: 10% off edibles (except Magic Kitchen)
Friday: Two happy hours, 10% off purchases 8am-11am & 8pm-11pm (except NWCS)
Saturday: 10% off concentrates (when you buy 2 or more grams, excludes cartridges)
Sunday: 10% off all accessories and Potionz Lotionz

Once you’ve stocked up on networking nugs, find a 420-friendly vanpool, make a pit stop, and smoke everyone — except the driver — out before you  work.