You got the munchies? Let's not act surprised, most of us have experienced a case of the “Munchies” at some point in life. Some of us more than others. Either you're one of those guys that's finishes a gallon of ice cream, goes to Jack in the Box and buys 10 tacos in the middle of the night, or been with a friend who has experienced this “symptom” after they smoke pot. You wonder why? Well it’s a very simple math..

Munchies is driven by the same neurons in the brain that normally suppress and kill your hunger (according to a study by Yale School of Medicine researchers) and Cannabinoid receptors have a coordinated dance with these specific neurons in the brain known as pro-opiomelancortin (or POMC neurons). Confused because of all this scientific vocabulary and still not getting it? Let’s make it easy.. Why don’t you puff some more and read this one more time as you’ll soon notice that the parts of your brain that usually makes you feel full, soon will actually get you “high”, giving you the………… “The Munchies”

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