The majority of pot lovers are familiar with cured cannabis flower, but concentrates can seem a bit intimidating for beginners. Seattle’s offering of pot concentrates is vast and complex. Below is Tree’s guide to cannabis concentrate purchasing and consumption.

What falls under marijuana concentrates?
“Concentrates” is an umbrella term used in relation to the numerous kinds of cannabis plant extracts available for purchase in Washington State. ‘Wax’, ‘shatter’, ‘tincture’, and ‘distillate’ are just a few varieties of concentrate. The biggest difference between flower and concentrate is potency of cannabinoids. Most of the flower you encounter will have THC potency levels around 10% to 25%, while the majority of concentrates you will find in Seattle will be somewhere between 50% to 90%.

The next time you venture into a Seattle pot shop, ask about the kinds of concentrates they offer and if the budtenders have any suggestions for beginners.

Below are concentrates that have Tree’s stamp of approval. Check out our menu here to find out what we have in stock.

Hash – Huckleberry Bubble Hash by Green Barn Farms
BHO (aka honeycomb or shatter) – Lemon Skin Sugar Wax by Oleum
CO2 Oil – God’s Gift CO2 Cartridges by Avitas
RSO – CBD Cannabis Oil (Whole Plant Extract) by Dama
Tinctures – 100mg Journey Sativa Tincture by Ethos Extracts
Rosin – Alien & Fire OG Rosin by Solstice

Of course, there is so much more information on concentrates. The knowledgeable staff at Greenwood’s best pot shop can answer any questions you might have about concentrates. Stop in to get your cannabis questions answered, and always remember to enjoy responsibly!