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What Various Legends Have Said About Greenwood Medical Cannabis Introduction

To understand the importance of Greenwood medical cannabis, this article outlines the statements of different celebrities and legends. There is no doubt, they can’t all be wrong about Greenwood medical cannabis. What makes their statements amazing is the fact that they all corroborated one another on the benefits of Greenwood medical cannabis discretely.

The statements

Willie Nelson: He said people should be educated to differentiate marijuana from drug. It is more of herbs and flower than drug. Herbs cannot have more harm than benefits.

Melissa Etheridge: She said she will rather smoke pot instead of taking multiple prescriptions since the former works better for her.

Louis Armstrong: He wonders why marijuana is linked with narcotics. He said further that pot is a thousand times better than any bottle of whiskey.

Willie Nelson: On another occasion at another location, he said while stress is the biggest killer, cannabis is the best antidote for it. Of course, he can’t be wrong. Marijuana has numerous medical benefits.

Hunter S. Thompson: He said he has always loved pot because it has been giving him comfort and joy for decades and he feels cannabis is as important as beer and ice.

Richard Neville: This is an interesting one. He said although marijuana is addictive, other highly pleasurable things in life are worth endlessly repeating. If you think of it, you will realize that you actually repeat things you find pleasurable. People who love to make money do so till they die even though at some point they no longer need the money. When people retire from certain sports, they become coaches in the sport because they can’t leave it. So every pleasant thing in live is addictive.

Kurt Vonnegut: In his opinion, a moderate combination of marijuana, alcohol, and low-class music helps to make stress and boredom more bearable.

Steven Gould: He wonders why someone will withhold such a highly beneficial substance (marijuana) from people that are in dire need of it because some people are abusing it. Really, it does not add up. Gould is right. The benefits of the substance are much more than its harm. This is why people who are against its full legalization are usually not open to defend their position. It is difficult to defend.

Philip Denney: He is a famous medical doctor that said that while studying some of his patients he has found out that cannabis is an effective, safe, and non-toxic alternative to numerous standard medications. If that can come from a medical doctor, what other proof are you looking for?

Joycelyn Elders: She is also a medical doctor. To corroborate Dr. Denney’s statements, she said cannabis is less toxic than many drugs prescribed by physicians regularly.

Lester Grinspoon: In case you don’t know him, he is an associate professor emeritus of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Does that not make him an authority on health matters? He said he has been smoking marijuana for about 44 years and he considers it a tremendous blessing.

In conclusion, the list is endless. The people whose statements have been outlined above are not only successful in their various fields, they are legends. If they can testify to the benefits of marijuana, then it is really beneficial.


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