Ardor Creative Media is a self-described “no bullshit” nonprofit for film and filmmakers. They host viewings and other events around the greater Seattle area to raise funds to keep their project running, and further encourage creative energy in the locale. On Sunday January 15th from 7PM to 9PM, Ardor is throwing a Cine-bash at Naked City Brewery and Taphouse in Greenwood. Seating begins at 6:30PM, and spots are predicted to fill up fast, so make sure to be there early!

Cine-City, as it has been dubbed, is Seattle’s only bi-monthly local film show. There will be a number of films shown that fall within a wide variety of Indie sub-genres to view, and at the end of the night attendees will be emboldened to vote on their favorite short feature. It’s a measly eight dollar charge to get through the door, so you might as well make it rain at Greenwood’s best pot shop, Trees, before the curtains are figuratively drawn! Below are our recommended products for the film fest.

Super Lemon Haze is a legendary strain, available at Trees in pre-rolls made by Northwest Cannabis Solutions! One thing’s for sure, this potent sativa isn’t likely to make things “haze”-y so much as vibrant and energetic. This would be a great pot product to jump start the night and why not get excited? This will most likely be one of the only moments in life that you have the ability to vote for a film, apart from your account on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sundays are all about relaxation and refreshment. To add a little THC to any refreshment, pick up Craft Elixir’s Seattle Simple from Trees Pot Shop. Now available in minis, this syrup is easily added to any beverage lacking a hint of sweetness. So when you pour a cup of coffee or tall glass of iced tea with brunch, add in a drop – or two – or three of Seattle Simple and wait an hour or two for the tranquil effects take effect before ingesting any more.

Whatever you decide to consume in the way of cannabis this Sunday, make sure that if you do they’re from Trees Pot Shop; where every customer is made a priority.