Living near Greenwood and want to establish a fitness routine in January 2017? You’re in luck! Trees Pot Shop has compiled the top three workout establishments in Greenwood for all of our cannabis customers who are looking to get fit. So step into the New Year with a better figure and an improved outlook on life, with one of the three health centers listed below.

Gold’s Gym is one of the most popular franchise gyms in the Greenwood and greater Seattle area,  and it’s always full of inspiring individuals working toward solid physique goals. So find your inspiration in one of the many versatile group classes available to choose from, such as BodyPump, Power Yoga (also known as Vinyasa yoga) or Interval Blast — a class centered around High Intensity Interval Training and cardio.  For something to get you pumping those muscles and sweating it out front and center, we suggest Mr. Moxey’s Mints. They’re discreet and leave your breath smelling fresh, which comes in handy when your mat-mate asks about your improved squat-jump form.

If you work in corporate Seattle, chances are that some days after you leave the office, you just want to hit something — hard. So aim that aggression at something that can’t and doesn’t need to fight back, like a punching bag! Title Boxing Club in Greenwood, Seattle is the perfect place to get in your fighting fix while maintaining your debonair self outside it’s dark, mirrored walls. They offer kickboxing classes for novice paws and technique training for those with more experience. Every class starts with a warm up, then continues onto rounds (this is where the punching and kicking start), followed by an active rest and finally, core and cool down. At Trees Pot Shop, we’d recommend a Cannabis Quencher by Evergreen Herbal or Northwest Cannabis Solutions pre-roll to really cool down when you get home.

If picking things up and putting them down repeatedly, HIIT cardio, group fitness and boxing all sound like things you very much so would not do, our final suggestion for your Greenwood spot to get fit in the New Year would be Whole Life Yoga! They offer a wide variety of drop-in classes for only $17. Whether you’re trying to beat the winter blues, stretch out a sore back or just get to know the art of pretzel-ing a bit more intimately, try out this frequented Greenwood yogi joint. And speaking of joints, pick up a gram of our Artizen flower beforehand and roll yourself a fatty before hitting the mat.