Not in the mood to fight the drunken St. Paddy’s Day crowds? Us either. And the key to a good night in is having some of the best local pot on hand to help you relax and enjoy the comfort of your own home. Open until midnight seven days a week, Trees Pot Shop Greenwood is the place to get fresh weed for a solid night in.

Trees Pot Shop Greenwood’s Four Reasons to Stay In:

1. You won’t get puked on.

Nothing shuts down a night out faster than a stranger projectile vomiting on you. Wouldn’t you rather spend the night on your couch smoking one of these tasty local strains of weed?

  • Cookies Legends from NW Cannabis Solutions – starts at $12/1g
  • Gackleberry from Fine Detail Greenway – starts at $40/3.5g
  • God’s Gift from Phat Panda – starts at $40/3.5g
  • Green Ribbon from Abilene Productions – starts at $20/3.5g

2. You can rent Leprechaun on Amazon for $3.99.

Have you seen this movie? It’s the ultimate creepy comedy/horror St. Paddy’s Day flick featuring a deranged leprechaun chasing a pre-“Friends” Jennifer Aniston around.

3. You can chow down on edibles without getting lost trying to find your way home at the end of the night.

  • Edible Swifts Truffles 60mg Dark Chocolate — $31.50/single
  • MK 100mg Peanut Butter Brownies — $25/10-pack
  • MK 100mg Caramel Popcorn — $25/10-pack
  • Spot Indica 10mg Chocolate Chip Cookie — $10/single

4. You can get high, pour yourself a shot of Irish whiskey and take a hot bath – all while listening to an Irish Drinking Songs playlist on YouTube – and without being hung over the next day. Just be sure to rub some of these marijuana topicals on your body before you get into bed.

  • Muscle Melt Crème from Ethos Extracts — $20
  • Pen (Indica or Sative) 100mg — $54
  • PTNZ Lotionz CBD 200mg — $40
  • Transdermal Patch (Indica or CBD) 10mg — $18

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Trees Pot Shop in Greenwood!