Have you been reading the news? Yeah, we agree, it’s bleak out there — but we also know how to take that frown and turn it temporarily upside down. No matter what’s happening in the world, never forget Baranof is an amazing place to sing your blues away and you live in Washington State, where the miracle plant cannabis is legal to buy and enjoy. Your friends at Trees Pot Shop in Greenwood are here to assist you with the cannabis, and almost guarantee a great time at the Baranof afterward. Whether you are seeking out flower, edibles or vape concentrates, we have an extensive collection of it all.

The Baranof, a well-loved bar in Greenwood provides anyone with a voice the chance to get on stage and sing it out. Their karaoke nights are nightly, so you will have ample opportunity but we recommend the weekends merely for the crowd and immediate relaxation that occurs once the work week ends. If you’re concerned about being judged harshly, don’t be. Not only have most of the employees heard every song under the sun, but most people are too scared to do it themselves. If you’re nerves are still too fried, that’s where Trees Pot Shop in Greenwood can help. Marijuana is known for it’s ability to give you the same kind of courage a lot of alcohol can summon up, but without the hangover. It’s a win-win.

Practice some scales, listen to your spirit singer (like a spirit animal, but different) and head over to Trees Pot Shop on your way to the Baranof this weekend. We’re all stocked up and ready to assist you in finding the perfect product to make your voice carry to the rafters. Whether you smoke, vape or prefer to eat, ask any of our budtenders for a recommendation. We are here to help!