Recreational weed has come a long way, which is why it’s easy to empathize with our buzz-brother-from-another-mother: alcohol. In salute to our lush-y cohort, we raise our libations, and in solidarity, the staff at Trees Pot Shop, the original Seattle pot shop, has culled all the information from our various drinking apps to get you Greenwood’s Five Best Bars.

Tastefully dim and artsy, Oliver’s Twist shares a little romance with your fun, social AK-47 flower buzz. You won’t run out of pretty things to look at after you’ve set your sights on the delish house cocktails, strategically crafted, much like your favorite hybrids. The truffled popcorn is just an added bonus, sure to satisfy even the Franken Kush Shatter hunger, so you don’t have to bail on your party. Check out Oliver’s Twist here.

Not your average pizza joint, Cornuto Pizzeria is a cozy, classy option with authentic pies and a fantastic wine selection. Suggested pairing? Trees Pot Shop’s Headband pre-rolls. The soothing flower power of this pot along with the sinful pizza, cooked to perfection in the wood-burning brick oven, may just take you to Naples and back just in time for last call. Get the down-low on Cornuto Pizzeria here.

Now, if it’s beer you want, then its beer you’ll get. Who doesn’t love a beer and a bud? The Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery is a community-owned business killing it will super cool vibes and kickass, local beer. The co-op is a dog-and-kid-friendly hub for the less-rushed, with lots of open space for that dreamy Super Silver Haze wax you picked up at Greenwood’s top weed store. Nerd out to board games, cool art, and bike handles. Remember to honor thy father, but don’t forget to invest in thy neighbor. Get started here.

They say “the bier is flowing and the brats are still coming” down at Prost Tavern. German beer, German mugs, German pretzels, German bratwurst and German tradition. Bitte. Stamp your passport with a convenient EZVape BHO Dutch Treat and you are there.

For a more sporty fan, the upstairs lounge at The Alibi Room is a great, comfy spot to catch the game. Good food, awesome beer, and large HDTV’s. Pacific Northwest microbrews are the specialty, with 8 microbrews on tap and plenty of bottles. Celebrate the win with some sweet Cherries Jubilee flower. This tasty flower tends to creep up on you, but the pregame is pretty spectacular. Have a deeper look at the Alibi Room here.

Yes, Greenwood’s finest looks forward to serving you. Remember to tip well, and keep those Uber apps handy if you accidentally tried all five picks in one night. A solid CBD 10mg Dark Chocolate breakfast will nurse that hangover. Fortunately, Trees Pot Shop is open early.