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Greenwood’s Best Pot Shop Vs. The Black Market

Seattle has stepped into an exciting age for weed! With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington State, you can simply walk down Greenwood Ave, walk right into Trees Pot Shop and choose from a plethora of products. This includes the OG method - cured cannabis flowers - to beverages infused with psychoactive cannabinoids and much [...]

How to Buy Legal Recreational Weed in Washington State

Walking into your first Seattle pot shop is a lot like going to a bar for the first time. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time. Are you perhaps wondering what you’ll need, where you can actually smoke, or if you can use your credit card? Here are 6 tips for purchasing legal, [...]

Recreational Weed in Seattle for First-Time Buyers

Walking into one of Seattle's recreational weed stores for the first time can be overwhelming. Each retailer has hundreds of different products that can fall into one of four categories: flower, concentrates, edibles or topicals. Doing some research before going into a pot shop will help you navigate all these products, and get you familiar with [...]

Indica vs. Sativa – A Seattle Strain Guide

We encourage you to do as much research as possible - however it's understood that weeding through it (pun intended) can be confusing and discouraging. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Greenwood's best recreational weed store are always happy to help; do not hesitate to contact us or stop by the shop on Greenwood Avenue [...]

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