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Get Fit for the New Year in Greenwood

Living near Greenwood and want to establish a fitness routine in January 2017? You’re in luck! Trees Pot Shop has compiled the top three workout establishments in Greenwood for all of our cannabis customers who are looking to get fit. So step into the New Year with a better figure and an improved outlook on [...]

Rockin’ Around the Kushmas Tree: Tree’s Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season can be wonderful. Christmas lights make even a dive bar look festive, spiked eggnog can put even your grumpiest coworker in a good — or at least decent — mood, and it seems like there's always a party to go to. In the last few days, we've seen some holiday gatherings at [...]

Top Three Christmas Tree Lots Near Trees Pot Shop

If you can’t tell from the nip in the air and the general feeling that time seems to be flying, your friends at Trees Pot Shop are here to remind you: Yup, it’s Christmas time! And while there are plenty of overachievers who already have their houses decked with lights and the garland set just [...]

To Grind or Not to Grind: What’s the Difference?

After stopping by your favorite Greenwood weed store you bring that fresh pack of bud home, peel away the top seal and get ready to pack a bowl. Some just pick and pull to fill their pipe, more methodical stoners will choose to grind. For those that haven't got on the grind train, we've come up [...]

Seattle Weed: Indoor vs. Outdoor

As of the recreational age, Seattle weed comes in many different varieties - two of these being indoor and outdoor grown. Every industry carries stigmas, and in the cannabis industry a prominent one is that about sun grown cannabis. Poor perception of outdoor weed is simply misinformation passed on from those involved in a previous age; [...]

Common Quantities – Legal Weed in Washington State

It's good to be an educated buyer in the Seattle recreational cannabis market. The more one is familiarized with the product and ways it is distributed, the faster and easier your transactions at weed retailers will be! Keep in mind that density plays a huge role in the visual aspect of cannabis quantities. Below Trees [...]

Best Strains for Focus and Learning

Not all stoners are stupid or lazy - intellectuals, students (over the age of 21) and professionals can use it to enhance their learning and work efficiency. Everest College in Seattle is only five minutes away from Trees Pot Shop! It's important to know the right strains to choose depending on the kind of task [...]

Greenwood’s Best Concentrates: Tree’s Goo Guide

The majority of pot lovers are familiar with cured cannabis flower, but concentrates can seem a bit intimidating for beginners. Seattle's offering of pot concentrates is vast and complex. Below is Tree's guide to cannabis concentrate purchasing and consumption. What falls under marijuana concentrates? “Concentrates” is an umbrella term used in relation to the numerous kinds of [...]

Pesticides and Weed: Seattleites Love Quality Cannabis

Seattleites Love Quality Cannabis People are becoming increasingly concerned with the chemicals - specifically non-organic pesticides - that are being used on or around products they are consuming. Although recreational weed in Washington State cannot yet be labeled as 'organic', measures are being taken within production facilities to rear a higher quality plant, untouched by [...]

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