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Stoners Rejoice: Gorditos is Open Again!

Just a little over a year ago, Gorditos blew up when a gas explosion damaged several buildings in Greenwood. And while they were working to come back from the tragedy, they were seriously missed. "Before you head to Gorditos, make sure to swing by Trees Pot Shop in Greenwood for the best selection of weed [...]

Four Great Reasons to Stay In on St. Paddy’s Day

Not in the mood to fight the drunken St. Paddy’s Day crowds? Us either. And the key to a good night in is having some of the best local pot on hand to help you relax and enjoy the comfort of your own home. Open until midnight seven days a week, Trees Pot Shop Greenwood [...]

Trees Pot Shop Recommends: Drunk vs. High at The Pocket Theater

Trees Pot Shop knows it's an age-old debate: Which is bound to give you a better time: booze or pot? That's why Drunk vs. High is here. "You can’t toke up during Drunk vs High. So your best bet is to stock up at Greenwood's best pot shop, which features a fine selection of edibles, [...]

Experience Karaoke at Baranof This Weekend

Have you been reading the news? Yeah, we agree, it’s bleak out there — but we also know how to take that frown and turn it temporarily upside down. No matter what’s happening in the world, never forget Baranof is an amazing place to sing your blues away and you live in Washington State, where the [...]

Bud & Booze: Greenwood’s Five Best Bars

Recreational weed has come a long way, which is why it’s easy to empathize with our buzz-brother-from-another-mother: alcohol. In salute to our lush-y cohort, we raise our libations, and in solidarity, the staff at Trees Pot Shop, the original Seattle pot shop, has culled all the information from our various drinking apps to get you [...]

Networking and Nugs – It’s International Networking Week!

Pot brings people together. Like networking, it can help you connect with like-minded folks when you’re trying to launch a start up, find your next job, or get your band on the bill for summer festivals. There’s no better way to celebrate the role networking plays than by smoking out the people who’ve helped you [...]

Buds for the Seattle Bike Swap

Spring is in the air! That means it’s time to make sure you are prepared for all the outdoor activities that come with more daylight. So get a head start by checking out Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike Swap on Sunday, February 12th in Hangar 30 at Magnuson Park. It'll be a bargain hunter’s paradise with [...]

Greenwood’s Cine-City Fest: Pot Product Recommendations

Ardor Creative Media is a self-described “no bullshit” nonprofit for film and filmmakers. They host viewings and other events around the greater Seattle area to raise funds to keep their project running, and further encourage creative energy in the locale. On Sunday January 15th from 7PM to 9PM, Ardor is throwing a Cine-bash at Naked [...]

Edibles and Exercise: Start the New Year Right with Trees!

Are you a later night runner who craves an Indica to unwind before turning in? Or do you get up early greet the sun with a little Sativa on an elliptical? Do you need cannabis ointment to sooth those joints from taking advantage of all those Seattle bike lanes back and forth to work every [...]

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