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Why Trees Pot Shop Creates a Unique Experience

These days pot shops are popping up more and more. With so many Marijuana retail stores leaping into the scene, it's hard to know which shop should be on your radar. Nestled close to the corner between Greenwood Ave and 105th is home to Seattle's preferred Marijuana recreational store. The Greenwood neighborhood is infamous for occupying specialty shops, [...]

Seattle Hempfest

When August comes around in Seattle, we have something a bit more reliable than our weather we look forward to each year. Hempfest® is a festivity all of us Mary Jane lovers can consistently rely on. Every year more 420 friends have joined this annual festival. Trying to catch a glimpse of what surrounds hemp [...]

5 Reasons to book a Cannabis Retreat

Have you been trying to figure out where your next travel destination should be? Have you been pondering the thought of combining a marijuana adventure with travel? Escape with a new green-friendly way to hit the road for an enjoyable travel experience.This new exhilarating way of traveling to a Cannabis retreat is paving its way [...]

Cannabis reduces Opioid use?

The amount of federal offenders sentenced for violating marijuana laws has dropped significantly since 2012, according to data provided by the United States Sentencing Commission. Just 3,000 federal defendants were sentenced for marijuana violations in 2016, according to the Commission. That total is half of the number of federal defendants that were sentenced in 2012. [...]

Illnesses Marijuana has proven to help

Studies show Marijuana has been proven to help patients with certain illnesses including cancer. Why take a pill to treat depression symptoms when the side effects include depression with the possibility of horrible side effects. While doctors prescribing these drugs stock their pockets with money, a different shade of the color is beginning to take [...]

“Munchies” after Smoking that Pot

You got the munchies? Let's not act surprised, most of us have experienced a case of the “Munchies” at some point in life. Some of us more than others. Either you're one of those guys that's finishes a gallon of ice cream, goes to Jack in the Box and buys 10 tacos in the middle [...]

Treat Yourself with Trees and Valentine’s Men’s Hair Tailor

Hey fellas, Trees Pot Shop has got a question for you: When was the last time you really cleaned yourself up? We’re talking haircut, professional shave, maybe a facial treatment? It might have been too long ago, or it might have been never, but it doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t have to be much longer. [...]

Stoners Rejoice: Gorditos is Open Again!

Just a little over a year ago, Gorditos blew up when a gas explosion damaged several buildings in Greenwood. And while they were working to come back from the tragedy, they were seriously missed. "Before you head to Gorditos, make sure to swing by Trees Pot Shop in Greenwood for the best selection of weed [...]

Four Great Reasons to Stay In on St. Paddy’s Day

Not in the mood to fight the drunken St. Paddy’s Day crowds? Us either. And the key to a good night in is having some of the best local pot on hand to help you relax and enjoy the comfort of your own home. Open until midnight seven days a week, Trees Pot Shop Greenwood [...]

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