Seattle has stepped into an exciting age for weed! With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington State, you can simply walk down Greenwood Ave, walk right into Trees Pot Shop and choose from a plethora of products. This includes the OG method – cured cannabis flowers – to beverages infused with psychoactive cannabinoids and much more. All pot products available in the recreational market are heavily regulated by the State to ensure the highest quality product is being provided to the consumer. If you haven’t already made the switch from buying on the Black Market to a legal weed store in Seattle, here are a few things to consider before your next re-up.

The “Black Market” Defined

Marijuana from the Black Market doesn’t come with a label and is unregulated. There is no reliable way to know what is in the product you are buying, including harmful chemicals, mold or mites. Additionally, there is no way to verify where the product is being sourced; various cartels continue to be associated with black market bud. These cartels have a negative impact on the people within the communities involved as well as in the surrounding areas.

Legal Weed in Seattle – What’s not to love?

Buying weed from a recreational pot shop is a great step towards keeping our communities healthy and safe. The money that you spend at a legal weed shop is helping Washington State fund important programs through the sales tax that is collected on pot products.

Additional benefits of buying weed from a legal cannabis retailer:

  • Consistent hours – Get your weed when YOU want it. Trees Pot Shop is open 8am-Midnight Monday through Friday, and 9am-Midnight Saturday and Sunday.
  • Specials – Who doesn’t love a great deal on dank? To views Tree’s ‘Specials’, click here.
  • Menu – Welcome to the world of choosing your own strain and potency. Have your budtender help you pick out a product and strain that works best for your desired experience and check out your favorite Greenwood pot shop’s menu here.

Trees Pot Shop encourages you to smoke responsibly.