Not all stoners are stupid or lazy – intellectuals, students (over the age of 21) and professionals can use it to enhance their learning and work efficiency. Everest College in Seattle is only five minutes away from Trees Pot Shop! It’s important to know the right strains to choose depending on the kind of task that needs to be accomplished. Here are some recommendations for any of the smart Seattle potheads who want to expand their mind while expanding their vocabulary:

Thinking Deep – Writing

Solitude can at times be more distracting than surrounding yourself with people in a similar mindset to the one desired. What’s stopping you from falling into Facebook or browsing YouTube instead of finishing that paper? Nothing aside from willpower. Try an Indica or hybrid strain to keep you in a chair until you’ve finished the task.  Try: Blueberry Headband – Get a fantastic cerebral rush and relaxing euphoria when you inhale a rip of this flower by Noble Farms (based in Tacoma, Washington). Take an Uber to the Broadview Public Library to finish that essay. 

Stay Immersed – Studying

There will come a time in work or college when you will need to cooperate and communicate with others to achieve a task. Don’t be a dead weight; choose a strain that will help you to become a vital part of the team! Look for strains that will wake you up and help you feel engaged socially, as well as in the project or study material. Feed that creativity and work ethic with a Sativa strain like Sour Diesel – engage in work and conversation with a joint of this citrusy strain by Artizen

Find Clarity – Test Taking

Test day is here and you need something to stay focused and calm. When trying to remember important details, stray away from strains with psychoactive qualities and pick ones that promote cerebral focus. Trees Pot Shop recommends: Harlequin – If you’re a fan of concentrates, try the Harlequin by Curious Crow. While you’re at it, travel less than two miles down the road and grab a cup of coffee at the Tully’s off of 130th!

Trees Pot Shop carries all of the products recommended in this post. We have the most helpful budtenders in Greenwood and are happy to answer any additional questions you may have about studying strains. Hit the books and remember to smoke responsibly!