Have you been trying to figure out where your next travel destination should be? Have you been pondering the thought of combining a marijuana adventure with travel? Escape with a new green-friendly way to hit the road for an enjoyable travel experience.This new exhilarating way of traveling to a Cannabis retreat is paving its way into the Marijuana industry.

1. Solo Missions Many of us have wanted to be adventurous enough to hit the road alone and take a trip. We all have a friend we secretly envied for their impromptu solo missions. They come back from backpacking through Europe and tell us about their eat, pray love enlightening experiences. Some of us yearn to grasp this type of independence. Those of us who enjoy what marijuana has to offer can be intimidated to take a trip with a group who doesn't partake in our daily cannabis rituals. The downside to traveling alone you may not always have like-minded green lovers around to share. For once the grass may not be greener on the other side. It's high time we find a resolution. Marijuana retreats are equipped to provide a Cannabis safe environment. It offers a plethora of marijuana-infused accommodations and amenities. You will get to surround yourself with others who hold the same interests and want to heighten their senses with the ultimate marijuana experience. Why not make a friend or two in the process?

2. Evolving through new experiences Sometimes taking a plunge into unfamiliar waters is a shove in the right direction. Surrounding yourself in a foreign environment can force you into an opportunity for growth. Everyone has a different reason to seek out a retreat. Some come to counsel their grief, while others want to open healing process. There's those who are looking for a new friend or transforming themselves into a deeper path. Utilizing the mixture of strains these retreats offer helps create the evolution you go through. Dabbling in Cbd's and Kava strains have particularly been useful for self-evolution.

3. Unplug from reality These days we are glued to our electronics. Unwind and Unplug from the hustle and bustle of life. One of the most rewarding experiences you achieve with what a green retreat has to offer is being untapped from social media, phone calls, texts and whatever daunting responsibilities you may have. Plus, it's easier to enjoy all that marijuana has to offer when you don't have the mundane distractions surrounding you. Step away from adulting to enjoy the present and focus on your profound green experience.

4. How to choose a cannabis retreat? Quite a few Cannabis wellness retreats cropping up. Determining what your focus is on within your wellness pathline will help create more of an envision of what you're looking to accomplish and obtain. Here are two unique retreats that are stirring up a buzz in the cannabis industry. A little something for everyone Cannabliss Retreats offers a five-day retreat they ensure will "awaken your spirit" and "heighten your mind." They offer a variety of Cannabis infused meals along with flower pairing.You can partake in a Cannabis Infused Yoga class or get a massage/reiki session. After meditating why not connect with the great outdoors. They offer hikes for anyone who is looking to join forces with mother nature and combine a little of both types of grass. A plethora of classes offered along with an assortment of cannabis to keep your creativity flowing. Go dive in and explore what Cannabliss has to offer. Canablissretreats.com For the ladies Ganja Goddess Getaway has the perfect green retreat for women. The woman will have an opportunity to broaden their horizons and take an in-depth exploration into their spirituality this summer. You can choose between four different retreats in two separate locations. Palm Springs or Pescadero, California. Taking the process of healing and combining it with cannabis is a great way for a woman to enjoy a little bit of girl power along with their green. https://www.ganjagoddessgetaway.com/

5. Endless adventures and possibilities It's hard to see all of the wonders of the world when you keep yourself contained and stuck with the same ideals. When you travel on a retreat, you learn to retrain your brain and expand the way you think. It's ultimately up to you on what adventures you want to take. Expand your horizons! Create your unique kind of green wellness vibe. Embark on an adventure and enhance your quality of life with a marijuana-infused getaway.